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i am a comma.

"A comma marks a slight break between special parts of a sentence."


As I read these words, I thought, what if all this anxiety is - a slight break between special parts of my life? - my sentence.


Yes, it is dramatic as hell, but it got to the root of the issues my mind was currently tangled in. 


I continued reading about separating words, phrases, and clauses and then in all it's glory the next line leaped off the page. 


A comma is often misunderstood.  


At that moment, it was evident by the words I was speaking,


"Holy Shit! I'm a comma!" 


I genuinely feel that I have been living my life for the first time on my terms, and it has transpired over to my writing. My writing legs can be compared to a baby giraffes legs, fresh out of the womb. I struggle with style and tone and grammar. But, for the first time, I am willing to learn and determined to get better. I've become intentional in life and writing - and there is no room left for complacency. In doing so, I've stopped putting pressure on myself to feel like I needed to bring thirty-three years of writing experience to the table. I realize that getting frustrated and striving for perfection is only wasting my time, causing anxiety, and delaying my goals of being a published writer.


Today, I am officially 34, and celebrating my first birthday as a "writer."  


I am right on track with where I am supposed to be. I am learning to separate in my own life, much like the comma. Instead of phrases and clauses, it's the separation of people and relationships that don't serve me and the behaviors that aren't in my best interest. 


 I now shriek when my favorite lettuce is on sale at Costco and when Consumer Report shows up in my mailbox. My internet searches are for sensible walking shoes, and hip stretches - instead of the latest and greatest. I've found that I have less desire for influence and more passion for education. I cherish time with people and do my best to create magic in the mundane.


Though Thirty-four might sound bland on paper - it seems responsible, healthy, and sexy to me. I am looking forward to the next year and all the commas it will bring - misunderstood or otherwise.


Bring it on thirty-four. I am just getting started.

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With a community of friends like this, ain't no stoppin' us now. 

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