Painted Rock Project

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What started not as a "project" per se but a way to kill time one summer afternoon has now become one of my daughter's most requested activities. 


We sit, We listen to music and let the paint to do the rest. Sometimes we talk, and sometimes we sit in silence, listening, and pouring our thoughts into our little masterpieces.


I often find myself thinking about people in my life and past situations while I paint. Not all of those thoughts are rainbows and fairies, and sometimes the trauma of being alive can get a little dark. But motherhood and wellness are where I strive for balance. 


To appreciate my shadows and accept them for what they were, I made the choice of turning my darkest thoughts into bright, happy reminders (painted rocks) that are now finding their way around my property. Whenever I see them, I smile and move on, knowing that what once had me feeling all sorts of feelings are now happy reminders of growth. 


Not all rocks come from deep intellectual thought or self-work. Sometimes it's just freestyle and throwing glitter on the situation type of situation. Either way, it is helping me create a beautiful life.  So I say, paint your pain away and turn it into a happy reminder of where you've been and where you are going.