001 - Mama Message

Anyone else feeling like their life is just not on track? Not that it's a bad life, it’s just a little derailed at the moment.

If you follow along on Microdosing Mama, you would know that I have been questioning myself and my efforts. I’ve had shiny distractions that have been keeping me busy- but I’ve learned that busyness doesn’t mean growth. Not growth in numbers, but growth towards the directions of my dreams.

My goal was to connect with women, to not feel alone in my cannabis use and motherhood journey. Putting the two together has been incredible. I’ve met women, heard stories and truly felt like I was a part of something much bigger than I could have ever been on my own.

Lately I’ve felt like a victim of my own dreams. I haven’t felt authentic. I felt like I was becoming this character of Microdosing Mama, and not the woman behind the character. So I’ve gone back to the basics. I have been spending time with my family, working on relationships that aren’t where I want them to be, and doing a whole lot of deep dive trauma work in between.

It is time I start making choices to stay on the path of authenticity. I am and for the foreseeable future a cannabis user. I will continue to advocate for cannabis. I will continue to cheer on the Mama’s doing the much needed green work. I will continue to buy CBD from women owned business because deep down in my core, those are the women that I want to see succeed.

A big dilemma I was faced with was how am I going to tackle the podcast and my dreams of writing. I’ve had some clarity of what and how to proceed. Before I share them with you, please know that I have a lot of hesitation and anxiety about what that will look like.

So, where to start… I guess with the the biggest elephant (there’s that saying again).

The podcast is no longer going to be weekly. I can’t mentally do it anymore. Instead I will be using @HavetheConvo as a site to bring awareness to the importance of communication, healing and kindness.

Pretty soon I will still be posting on MM, but not as an affiliate or a brand ambassador but as a Mom who is obsessed with creating , encouraging and smoking a bowl when necessary.

In an effort to bring awareness to Motherhood and Cannabis, I would love if YOU would participate in a #CannaMomCollaboration with me.

I want to bring your stories, struggles and love to a broader audience. My hopes are to grow #HTC while at the same time advocating for our rights as women, mothers and cannabis consumers.


Share your cannabis coming out story.

Share about your first time using cannabis.

Share what cannabis has done for you.

If any of these topics interest you and you feel you would like to share your story, please send me a video of you talking about the topic to microdosingmama@yahoo.com . (No more than 5 minutes please.)

Don’t want to be on video but still want to share your story? Send an audio file and I’ll work my Mama magic to get your story heard. Make sure you include your instagram handle so I can tag you in the final project, but if anonymity is more your speed, I respect that too.

**If you find that you have troubles with file size email me and I’ll send you a link to dump your video!**

Once the videos are complete I will be mixing them in on the @havetheconvo feed to share your story.

Remember, EVERYONE has a story that deserves to be heard. You are know different.



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