002 - Mama Message

How is your summer going?! I’ve been on a Social Media detox for about almost 3 weeks. (Sort of, I’ve check in 4 times since then… but on a browser.) That’s right, your girl deleted her Instagram App. 

I’ve never felt more addicted to anything in my life. In fact, the first week, I was convinced I was dying. Okay, that's too dramatic - but it was rough. Like a phantom limb situation. During that time I never once picked up my phone to type or put words down ink to paper.  I just did life, presently.

I  will say, I have been avoiding my office like the plague. It literally looks like I left my dog in here with the door locked and he decide to do some “light organizing” to occupy his time. It’s a mess.  The stacks are multiplying. But you know what, it isn’t bothering me! 

That’s right this heaping pile of fear based pressure isn’t bothering me anymore.

Read it again, it's fun to say!

I smile at it now. Kind of like flirting with time, knowing that once I get to work on it, I will be eating it whole and serving it fresh for the ones that want to hear it.Piece by piece this “big picture- universe- stuff” has started to make sense. 

I will say though, the thing I miss most is checking in with all of you! I miss the kindness and let’s be honest, the adult “conversation” throughout the day. I miss seeing your beautiful, confident faces on the lives! (I see your glow up @momthatjanes!)

 Tell me what is going on with you, what amazing things are happening in your lives? How can we still work together to make the world kinder and greener? How can we leave a legacy to our children? I want them to say that there  Mom did really cool stuff with her mom (and Dad) friends!  So, don't be shy. Shoot me an email or contact me through the blog. 

I’ve been spending a ton of time running my kids to and from camps - and trying to keep up on the educational gaps summer can bring for kiddos. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside and with family. In fact, if you listened to the last episode of #HTCpodcast, you would know that my brother got married recently. TALK ABOUT A WEDDING! My Sister-In-Law REALLY loves my brother and my brother really loves her. 

I wish I would have had my phone to capture the day more because it was so beautiful. It was so much love and beauty and acceptance in the air that night. And a Marching Band and a parade through the town square! It was magic.  Like something in a musical.  As soon as the video is available I’ll do my best to share with you. 

One of the better things that it did was bring me closer to some of my cousins - that I didn’t realize I needed to see to mend a few trauma wounds. Like I said, the night was magical. The part that made it all worth it was seeing my kids play with my cousins kids. It was instant and it was beautiful. It gave me such hope that all the work we do for ourselves will heal our generations to come and make our families even stronger.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a LOT of work our family needs to do but it is sweet to see the promise for my children and theirs.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve gone on a deep dive down the trauma tunnel. (Nice transition...)

I arrived head first, beat up and mentally exhausted. For those that have reached out and loved me, THANK YOU. I haven’t gone full Kanye, Just somewhere along the way, things got really clear and that was scary as hell. My virgo body needed a plan and the message was unavoidably: "Learn to live in the present. You don't always need to have a plan".  Or, as my inner dialogue said "Pump the breaks and be present or you are never going to have shit to write about."

So here I am at 8:15 typing this out to you. The ones who subscribed to my website. The O.G., ride or dies. 

Y’all are my people and I miss you. 

Please let me know how you are doing!


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