5-minute Car Rides + The Wisdom They Bring.

Earlier in the week, my son came home from school with a significant distaste for adults in his mouth, which warranted a call to the school counselor on our end. I'm not going to go into detail, but it went something like, "She told us to shut the f*#+ up," to which I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, "I get it, after a long day with a bunch of eight and nine-year-olds, I'd want you to shut the f*#+ up too." But had my husband call the school anyway to get to the bottom of it.

On our drive to school today, I asked my son if anyone had asked him about it and he said, "No. Dad's called twice, and no one has called him back."

I'm not telling you all of this because I am mad at the school, I'm telling you this because of what transpired next.

In response to my son's factual statement, I shrugged my shoulders yet again and replied, "I get it, only so many hours in a day." and then HE SAID THIS:

"Yeah, she works really hard, and her office is so tiny. She probably can't get a lot of work done in there."

He continued to tell me all about how wonderful his school counselor was and how she gives them Giant TicTac gum, cleverly called "Bully Beans," and if you eat one, you will no longer be a bully. It was a conversation that made me want to come home and write because the lessons it taught on a five-minute drive had to be shared.

First off, God Bless the Mom Bloggers. The ones that drive traffic to helpful sites like "how to relieve tension in your shoulders so you'll stop being so tense," or "5 Cool ways to combat bullying at your school", and my recent favorite, "How to get on board and not kill your Keto husband." Yeah, these women who pour their hearts and souls into their passions and purpose and make my life more comfortable in the process, GOD. BLESS. THEM.

Secondly, to the women trying to find balance through the chaos that's either within you or around you and would crave more hours in a day or would be happy if everyone just shut the f*#+ up, I get that too.

I, like my son's counselor, am working out of a tiny office that has a lot of distractions, and sometimes that can get overwhelming. Instead of being frustrated that people are not responding in my timeframe, I am going to be patient that the call will be returned (or not) at the exact time it needs to.

I'm so thankful for mundane conversations in the car with my son that make me slow down, appreciate the young man that he is becoming, and see that it is a direct reflection of the man my husband has grown to be and is becoming. I do not thank him enough for all that he does for us. His partnership and dedication to our family are what have been keeping this house afloat from the beginning. It also makes me appreciate the power of being present. So often, my head gets filled with doubt and hesitation that inevitably turns to resentment and frustration when I don't take time to be. I was so "in the moment" on that short drive that, it gave me the overwhelming urge to write again, in writing I see the lessons and growth happening within, and I then get to set the tone for the day I want to have.

I hope you find time to be present today. I hope you have moments that teach you lessons on how to appreciate the life you have and to be grateful for what is right now and for what is coming.

So, take a deep breath, relax those shoulders, and "be" - everything is working just as it should.

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