5 years ago our lives began.

This time 5 years ago, I woke up, took my shower and then felt something different. The twins were not moving in my tummy.  I remember feeling calm, which is odd because usually, I am the first to “Web MD” and panic.

I didn’t think it was quite a time to meet them yet because we still had 6 weeks left. But I also was aware that typically when you don’t feel twins move anymore it is because they literally ran out of the womb. When we called the doctor, the sweet receptionist said “Well sweetie, get ready and head to the hospital. They must be ready.”

After about an hour, we made our way to the hospital.  We thought, hey they will do a quick exam we will be back home and on our way.  (I had been on bed rest for several weeks at this point and having weekly appointments, so this was par for the course).

We ended up spending the day at the hospital… and then the night….

I can’t help but think of the amazing and supportive friends we had in our lives at the time. All were quick to come to our side, pray for us, give us advice, take Simon to dinner and just love on us in a way we desperately needed.

The next morning, my OBGYN came in and said: “Babies are coming at Noon!”


Here comes the panic part.  It wasn’t about the surgery. It wasn’t about the “our lives will never be the same” we were prepared for that.  We desperately prayed for this for years.

 I needed my mom.

We called her and within minutes she was booking her flight and on her way to Texas.  That’s the thing about moms and their babies.  You need them, they show up. They teach you and guide you so that when you become a mom yourself you are more than equipped. I had the best teacher.

My delivery of the twins was great. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

On October 11, 2010, at 12:00, Noles came into this world weighing 5lbs, 4 ounces and at 12:01 Laney Jane made her appearance weighing 4lbs 8 ounces.

We became parents and our lives made sense. I cannot begin to explain the immense pride I have been called “Mommy” and hearing Simon be called “Daddy”.

In the past 5 years, we have learned that stress can break you and love can rebuild you and that laughing makes every mundane moment worth it.  I have learned how to take each day for what it is. Some times the days seem so crappy that there isn’t a glass of wine big enough and other days that you can’t help but smile and breathe deep and say “Wow, all this is mine. How did I get so lucky?”

I’ve learned that teething and potty training can be testing. That allowing your kids to be uniquely themselves can be challenging. Facing obstacles in health and development can be frustrating and cause doubt.  But celebrating the small victories builds confidence. Not just in our kids, but in us.   I know that with all that I am, I am giving this parenting thing everything I’ve got.  I can’t wait to see what they are like in another five years.

I hope Noles never stops being clever and witty. I hope he continues to stick his nose in a book and ask questions any chance he gets. I hope that he continues to laugh at his own jokes, even when they make no sense to the rest of us. I hope he continues to tell people how much he loves them. I hope he continues to charm everyone around him – even when he knows he is trying to get out of being in trouble.  And to be honest, I hope he learns to aim in the toilet better.

I hope Lane continues to shine and achieve at whatever it is she is focused on. I hope she continues to run faster than all the boys. I hope her heart continues to show through her chest, especially when it comes to animals. I hope she continues to dance like no one is watching. I hope she continues to paint and express herself through her art. I hope she always lets people know exactly where they stand with her.  And my most urgent hope is that she learns to stop hiding important things like wedding rings and car keys.

These smart and funny babies get to call me “Mommy” for the rest of their lives and I can’t help but say, I know it is their birthday – But I am getting the greatest gift in knowing that.

Happy 5th Birthday my Babies.  I love you.




The twins had to stay in the hospital for close to a month. Nolan had immediate surgery due to a hole in his lung and they needed to gain weight.

To say we were stressed is an understatement. This is a whole other post for another time. Because to say I was underprepared to see my babies for the first time-strapped to equipment would be an understatement as well. But, look how far they have come!!!!!

***And Dad's are great too... and we need them for lots of things... I'm just writing from a Mom perspective. No disrespect!

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