Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Having a child with Learning Disabilities is incredible. You constantly learn new ways to conquer life. You learn about their and your resilience daily.

Today after school my sweet girl looked physically anxious - stressed.

She feels things so deeply.

Typically an afternoon after school consists of a snack while mom steps away for a minute, and then we catch up, listen to music and catch up on our days. (I hate that my husband misses out on this, but not-so-secretly, I love that this time is unique to us.)

Today, however, was different. After she chose a snack she asked for some Root Beer.

Does she need it? NO. Did she need to hear someone say "Yes", quite frankly, YES.

All-day long she struggles to find a "YES". She works so hard just to do the basics.

Upon hearing "Yes" my daughter was prompted to thank me with a big smile on her face, run to grab a straw (everything must be out of a straw), take a swig of soda and run off to make some art.

**My daughter shows her empathy and love through art. She practically pours her heart onto the paper. If you ever get a card from her. Hold it up to your heart, I bet you'll hear it beat!**

She greeted me a little while later with a hug and a homemade card, telling me I am the best and that she loved me.

See what a simple "YES" can do?

It left me wondering: What part of my life do I need to be hearing "yes" to?

I cannot be the only Mama to ask "Can I?" questions.

"Can I take a 2-hour bath and not feel guilty?" - YES.

"Can I get a night off from cooking dinner?" YES. Mama's they invented take-out delivery for a reason.

"Can I sit in the closet, medicate, meditate and eat candy?" - YES! YES! YES!

I am hear yelling into a megaphone of Mama love, saying YES, YOU CAN DO THAT! YOU SHOULD DO THAT! GO DO THAT NOW!

Remember, Mama knows best.

📸Photo by Ashley Kirk via Unsplashed.

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