About last night...

Updated: Mar 28

Dallas had an extra aura of light around it last night, and fortunately for me and my plus -one, we did too.

Last night we were gifted VIP passes to meet Tyler Henry, 'The Hollywood Medium' after a post I had made on my Instagram found its way into the eyes of Tyler's team. The fact that this is how life can work now blows me away. I'll be honest; I expected to show up at The Majestic will call and be told, "There are no tickets" because the reality that it was happening didn't sink in. I still don't think it has.

Leading up to the event last night, I stumbled around trying to find something that looked okay to wear, my friend and I even ventured out to Northpark Mall with our kids to find an outfit that was worthy of such an event. Then, my friend, Jenna, hit me with a solid line I will never forget.

"Think of it as if you are going to see your Grandpa."


In typical Calla fashion, pun intended, I showed up in black, $6 pants, and combat boots. (Let that be a lesson in being unapologetically yourself!) I never felt better. I know my Grandpa was looking down smiling because they are the same style boots I wore to his funeral and are a constant reminder to kick a little ass in the lifetime. Something he 100% encouraged in me from a young age.

If I was going into the evening with an expectation to hear from anyone, I was hoping it would be him or my uncle. But oddly, that wasn't the kind of supernatural validation I was looking for - See, I know that my family members who have passed are with me and guiding me. Let me put it this way; we talk — a lot.

I was looking for validation on a career level - that what I am doing will be worth it in the long run. I think it is a natural thing to want to know if you will be remembered for something, let alone something good and worthwhile.

I will not go into details and ruin what Tyler's Live shows are about in the off chance you get an opportunity to see him, but what I will say is that he talks a lot about life and imparts wisdom to the exceptional picture that our lives are - and it resonated. It resonated hard.

I saw a man up there doing precisely what he was supposed to do, with his God-given gifts. His team is a reflection of that as well; everyone we were fortunate enough to meet was kind and authentic and silly. It was all the validation I needed to know that I was on the right path.

I too, am building a team of people to help me grow and check items off my bucket list, and I hope someday someone will come to one of our events, and we can make them feel as special as Tyler and his team did for us.


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