And Baby makes 5...

It’s true… It’s really happening. We are surprised as you are! 

I can honestly say that I never thought Simon and I would be sitting on a bathroom floor crying because a pregnancy test said: “Your Pregnant” EVER AGAIN. For years it was tears of sadness because we had been told by so many doctors that “This isn’t possible” or “Not with your condition”… and here we are… naturally.

“What are we going to do? Another kid? Oh Lord, what if it’s multiples again…. I just lost my job 2 weeks ago, I had so many beers on our vacation, I didn’t think this could happen, not one thing points to this being a good “time” for us.”

[Insert God laughing] Only he can turn a test into a testimony, right?

So after the initial shock wore off (It took days people… days!) and several tearful calls to my parents only to be greeted with pure joy and congratulations, we took a deep breath, lifted our heads up in prayer, smiled and simply said: “Challenge Accepted.”

We are thrilled to announce that Walshe family is growing and welcoming a brand new MIRACLE into the world. Thank you for your support, ‘likes’, love, texts, and phone calls. Our baby is scheduled to make an appearance in May 2014.

Feel free to follow our progress and meltdowns along the way!

Peace, Love, and Babies,

C & S

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