august standouts.

Songland - This show is fantastic! I am sure somewhere on the inter-webs, someone will have an opinion or say something about how wrong the show is treating these songwriters, (I'm looking at you, Twitter!) but I love it! The creative writing process shown on TV has suckered in, both myself and my oldest, music-loving, son. If you haven't watched yet, check it out. It is on Wednesday nights on NBC.

Neighborhood Goods - This is specific to Dallas and rather boujee -but man what a great concept. They are, by their words, "a new type of department store, featuring an ever-changing landscape of the world's most exciting brands, products, and concepts." The store was immersed in editorial content and Art. My favorite was this print titled, "Happy Pills" by New York-based artist, Rob Wilson.

Inside the store is, Prim and Proper, a collaborative restaurant concept developed by Neighborhood Goods and Front Burner Restaurants. It features world-class coffee, cocktails, wine, and beer. We opted for coffee, and it was liquid perfection.

@thesaavemantra - I met Jenna, the owner, the way I meet most of my favorite people, through my kids. I was blown away when she started talking about her love for Katonah Yoga, so I rallied some friends to come with me to a pop-up class she did at The Alula Collective. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! First of all, my husband came! Second of all, I ACTUALLY went to a group class, participated and didn't die. I even got over the discomfort of showing my big feet. Those are significant victories for me, and I plan on celebrating them. Thank you, Jenna for making me comfortable and simultaneously helping me grow.

Be Well,

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