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Have you listened to the latest HTC episode?

When I say I am still processing the information and wisdom from this week's guest, I am not lying.

Leanne introduced me to Janet Bernstein this week and my world shooketh. The entire time, I was trying to not look like a complete goober, and unfortunately, I did yell out, "I'm fangirling right now!" a moment I am currently embarrassed over. Flushed cheeks aside, her wisdom lead me to take some bold leaps. For instance, I started setting writing goals and dates "to be done by." Anyone who knows me knows that this is step one of a full-blown commitment from yours truly. And with the added pressure that I create myself when committing to new projects, I start to go inward, and my mind gets busy. Anxiety and Lack like to creep in at these times for me, and it's nice to have women, like Janet, who speak to moments in their life, when they took bold risks, felt rejection or less than, and then gathered enough courage to be authentic and honest. Women with wild, windblown hair are the type of woman I love doing life with.

My formula for life, especially with women, is about authenticity and alignment. If you currently cannot show up to a room with confidence being nothing other than yourself, I encourage you to find women you look up to, learn from in healthy ways, and immerse yourself in the goodness these women bring to the world. It's magic like any other. When you show up, flaws and all, you get to learn. As we all know, when we learn, we grow.

So, hydrate your growth game with me. 🚰🌼

On October 23, I will be joining my coach, Chad Wright of Forward Partners, for an episode of "The Wind-Down LIVE" over on his "Leading with Purpose - Partnering to Defeat Burnout & Multiply Your Impact" Group on Facebook. Hang with Chad and I at 3:00 pm, CST. as we look back at the week, learn from leaders (I guess this me!), and intentionally prepare for our weekend. This chat will be the first time we've talked in a few weeks, so it's bound to bring up some teachable moments! I'd love to see you there.

Also, every Thursday at 7 am CST, Leanne and I catch up over a cup of coffee on Instagram Live for our appropriately titled IGTV Segment, "Coffee + Conversation." Every episode has had us laughing and learning, so I'd love to have you join us there as well. Not a morning person? No worries. Watch all episodes anytime through our IGTV Channel. -There are lots of extra #HTC gems there as well.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Stay healthy!

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