So, as part of my wellness or self-care plan, I decided to join an online book club! I’ve never done a book club before, but reaching out of your comfort zone produces abundance, so I jumped right in with both feet. The book club meets once a week via Instagram live and is moderated by both @TheMommyJane and the @Themommymj so you know it is going to have high-frequency vibe and tons of authentic wisdom.  

Click to buy the book on Amazon, now.

Week One, Chapter One:

Wow, what a great first chapter of “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk”.  I found myself referencing the material of the first chapter within a day of reading. On the 2nd page, the authors made a point so impactful that the words pretty much jumped off the page.

“Steady denial of feelings can confuse and enrage kids. Also, teaches them not to know what their feelings are — not to trust them.”

I don’t know about you, but I want to raise adults that are sure of their feelings and can explain them or work through their own problems with a strong sense of self. What better time to start then when they are in adolescence and under my roof?!  The biggest part of that is being mindful as a parent to not project my feelings, thoughts, fears on to their experience. (This doesn’t just go for kids, it’s a great preface to any interaction you have with anyone!)

One thing I particularly liked about this chapter/book is that you write alongside it. You practice your responses so that when it comes to real-life applications, it doesn’t seem so foreign. And did I mention, there are cartoons?! Who doesn’t like cartoons?

I’ve had so many #LightbulbMoments while reading. (See my personal scribbles below!)

If this speaks to you on any level or if you want to practice being mindful of your responses to others, it isn’t too late to join! The book can be found on Amazon Prime for less than $10. If that isn’t in your budget this month, check your local library. Where there is a will, there’s a way! The group meets on @TheMommyJane Insta-live video on Tuesdays at 6 pm, Pacific. – The first official book club is next Tuesday 9/11.  Pack a bowl, pour some tea and tune in!

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