Dead plants.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Are you watering dead plants? Guilty.

I am guilty of investing time, energy and money into things that do not make me better or benefit me in a positive way. I've watered dead plants in the form of food, friendships, connections, even the crap I've chosen to watch on T.V.

If I am not learning and growing from it, why am I watering it?

Lately, I've noticed dead plants tend to sit around, at first beautiful and tempting, yet over time they start to just be clutter and a constant reminder that they need to be taken out to the trash.

If you are constantly having to be watered so you can bloom and be fragrant, or find yourself constantly pouring out of your own bucket to water others - only to keep them alive.

I suggest going back to your roots to see what is in the best interest of the plant, of YOU.

What kind of soil are you planted in?

Is it is encouraging?

Is it supportive?

Is the love it gives unrequited?

Is it kind?

Find people who love and appreciate your roots as much as they love your fragrant bloom.




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