Don't worry, honey.

Is it just me, or are things speeding up? The days of self-isolation have come to an end, friends. Life is getting busier and busier. I recognize for some people that slow down never happened, and for others, it was a screeching halt of life as we knew it. My experience leads me to this beautiful gray area made of trying moments and an abundance of love. It was a glimpse of my dream life, all the people I love under one roof, sunshine, late nights, and even later starting mornings, collaboration meetings where I didn't have to go anywhere. The Shelter In Place order was my Eutopia, and I was thriving!

When I am in a grey, shelter-in-place mode, my life makes sense and is manageable. I've been fighting to let it go for a very long time. Often times using it as a crutch to fall back on when my hopes and dreams weren't happening. It's been nectar for worry.

For the first time in a long time, I felt the weight of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Now I am not going to lie, a lot of that heaviness I took on myself because that's what I do. I feel things deeply. But what hit home was the acceleration of our days becoming busier. I have mixed emotions. I know my children need to go back to school and make friends, learn new things and grow outside of the safe place my husband and I have created for them, but I don't want to give it up. I also don't want to give up this dream career I am creating for myself, either. It's a real struggle us Mom's face when presented with Motherhood and Career. I could use an infographic on the Game of Life right now. You know where they show you the cause and effect of your choices, and then it's up to me to decide which way I want to go. I don't know the outcome of my life, and it stresses me the heck out. That's my anxiety talking, and in the words of T-Swift, "You need to calm down, You're being too Loud."

Change in any system is noticeable. It's scary to give in to the lack of control we have in situations. I can spiral down a worry well in seconds when I think about not being present with my children and husband and staying too focused on my other passion - career. I love all of those things so much, and I struggle with finding a healthy balance. Add in lack of rest and dehydration, and you can easily see the messy painting that is "Me."

If it wasn't for the supportive, patient, understanding people loving me in my life, I don't know what kind of person I would be. I've got so much gratitude for the support and knowledge these people provide. I do not always deserve their graciousness - but they keep extending it - it baffles me, and like everything else in my life, I refuse to let it go.

But this is where the beauty lies. The sweet nectar of anxiety can easily sway and stick to the present moment if we remember to slow down and release the grip even a little.

Be with your Partner.

Be with your Children.

Be with your Career.

Be with your Friends and Family

Be with Yourself.

Be all the things.

I had to remind myself that worry is not going to raise my kids or run my business. I am.

I have the tools, the desire, and the people to back me up. The only thing getting in the way of all I want from this life is me. My thoughts are not facts, and spending time wrapped up in them only deprives me of actual living.

As the days fill in with more meetings, and regularly scheduled programming -that our lives are, do your best to just be. Quiet the noise by loving your people or drown it out with scratchy vinyl and belly laughs.

Life is way too short to worry.

Life is for living.


Please tune in to the latest episode of Have The Conversation Podcast, where we chatted with a long time friend and client of Leanne's to discuss how we've all been managing life in 2020 amidst the Corona Virus Epidemic.

Much like COVID-19, Steve's joy and outlook on life are contagious. Symptoms include smiling and an overall sense that everything is going to be alright. Listen Now. 🙂

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