Fake it until you make it.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

"Fake It Until You Make It."

I’ve always hated that saying. I never understood why so many people said that. Whenever those words come out of my mouth, my inner dialogue always sounds annoyed and asks, “Really? Out of all the things to say you chose that? ” Ahh, social conditioning.

For so long, “Fake It Til You Make It” to me meant that, no matter what the cost, you would get the results you wanted. In 90’s terms, I thought I was “Selling Out”. If Clueless taught me anything, it was that selling out was not cool.

So why is it that I hate it so much now, as an adult? Why does it even give me a reaction?

I think it has to do with how I measure success. Success for me means I worked through it. I started. I got over every hurdle and obstacle that faced the situation and now I am on the other side of it. Hopefully a little wiser and improved in some way. That’s not what success looks like for everyone, but for me, If I don’t GO THROUGH IT, I don’t feel like I can call it a success.


Recently I saw a quote making its way around social media that said:

“Don’t Fake It Until You Make It- Face it Until You Make It”

☝️ This!!! This I can get behind. This makes sense to me. Face your dreams, nightmares, stress, fatigue, happiness, love, life. Come face-to-face with it. Deal with it. Sit with it. Grow it. Destroy It. Do with it what you must, but you must FACE IT.

Don’t worry your beautiful, creative, mind with the worry of “selling out” or “being fake”. Instead, put your focus on blindly trusting yourselves, God, The Universe, or whatever you put your faith into, that things will simply work out. Know that what you possess inside, the skills you can acquire, and an attitude of kindness, you can face anything you want to make happen.

Face It Until You Make It.



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