Feeling Indistractable

There are moments in my career where I have to pinch myself that specific opportunities present themselves. This week's episode of Have The Conversation Podcast is a career highlight that I will not soon forget.

A little over a year ago, I purchased the book "Indistractable" by Nir Eyal after receiving an ADHD diagnosis for one of my children. I knew that medication was not going to be the one size fits all solution to her inability to focus. I wanted to give her tangible tools to add to her tool belt and thought immersing myself in the psychology and art of focus and distraction would be the place to start. What I didn't anticipate was the overhaul of MY time and, in turn, my values.

So, when the opportunity to sit down with the Author became available, you know Leanne, and I had to jump on it. That morning, before Nir joined the call, we sat quietly on either end of the line, filled with nerves and an odd sense of accomplishment that this was happening. It felt important, and we wanted to let him know what his time, energy, and research meant to our lives and the HTC Community as a whole.

👀 Here's a sneak peak at the episode 👇

Be sure to "Time-Box" us into your schedule this week and give this episode a listen, especially if you find yourself easily distracted, struggling with willpower, or self-limiting beliefs. I think you will find great value in this episode and Nir's book, Indistractable.

EP: Indistractable with Nir Eyal - available now wherever you stream.

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