Let it be known, that I spend a lot of time in Doctors' offices. Not because I am sick, but because I have a child that benefits from therapy outside of school and home. Today while I was in the waiting room, a big sign with  “BACK TO SCHOOL” written on it caught my eye. Under all of the apple graphics were print outs for parents to take. They were all from The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

School Tips for Parents: Academic Success & Social Participation

While I don’t think they will be breaking any literary ‘Best Sellers’ lists, they did have an article that stuck out to me more than most. It was titled: “School Tips for Parents: Academic Success & Social Participation”.

While the article didn’t bring home any hard truths for me, it did create a sense of urgency within me to grab a piece of paper and start jotting down my own “rules” or “guide” for dealing with life. Specifically my family and passions.  I found myself digging through the disorganized wreckage know as my purse to find one of my journals. No luck.

This is when I made my way to the front desk, grabbed a coloring sheet and got to writing.  My inner perfectionist would not let me begin until the picture was colored of course… and don’t think I didn’t Google ‘Lego Superman’ to make sure the colors were an accurate representation.

Back to the point.  My list.  My new guidelines for work, writing and living. Enjoy!

  1. Establish connections with other humans that have similar interests in you. You don’t have to agree on everything, just one common goal or cause you care about.

  2. Make time for self-care and time to “put in the work” on things you are passionate about. You need both alone time and work time to do either one of those well.

  3. Surround yourself with things, smells, and food that support your higher purpose. Put good in, get good out.

  4. Speak up. Ask questions. Enter every conversation with the intent of learning something.  You can’t always be the teacher.

  5. Get involved. How can you make a difference if all you have to offer is inside of your own head? Your thoughts are not only realistic but achievable.

  6. Find people who have attained what you wish and dream for. Learn how they got there. Then get to work and get what you desire.

  7. Get strong. I mean this both physically and mentally. Sharpen your brain and make gains! Whole-body health is a must. Eat right. Read a book.

  8. Ask for help. Don’t have the answers? Overwhelmed? Ask for what you need. This is the hardest for most of us to do, but it’s the one that continuously shows us we are human and can’t do it all. At least not all at once.

  9. Set an example for those around you. If you are kind and speak words of encouragement into your life and the lives of others, it becomes contagious. The best part is, everyone you have contact with reaps the rewards.

  10. Rest. If you want to be able to see the significant changes, you have to know when to sit back, take a nap, unplug and enjoy all you have created. That is the only way you will be able to come back to whatever it is you are pursuing with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit and build the dreams you have for yourself.

See That Chicken Scratch.

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