Hang Around Strong Women

In February, my girlfriends and I set out for a girls' weekend to record an episode for my podcast, "Have The Conversation." I had grand plans of editing what was sure to be a masterpiece the week after I got home and have it ready by March at the latest. Here we are in June, and well, it finally seems right to share.

I beg of you if you take nothing else from me or this blog, seek this advice: Hang around strong women. Women with brains and a plan. Women who support you because a win for you is a win for them.

In this lifetime, I hope you have women that you can call at 8:00 am because they feel like shit for sending their kids to school with a Lunchable for the second time this week.

I hope you have women you can go deep on your childhood traumas with and let them love you back to who you are present-day despite those things.

I hope you have women that tell you when you've gone too far and when it's time to reel it in. Sincerely, God bless those women.

I hope you have women that want to create alongside you and build through the unknown.

I hope that you have women that cheer you and your family on, despite you going off on how annoying your husband is now that he joined an MMA gym and is a constant flux of ketosis. (That's enough for a full character in a Hulu series, call me Mindy Kaling, I have big ideas!)

I hope you have women that hold your hand in joy and pain—the type of women who remind you to breathe and encourage you to appreciate your shadows. Women who help brighten your light just by showing up with their own.

I hope you have women that teach you things - whether it be from their own mistakes or because of a book that they read or the speech that they gave or a class that they took or the podcast they can't stop listening too.

I hope you have women that you consider sisters and friends. I hope you tell those women that you love them all the time no matter the place. I hope you have women that have dealt with similar monsters and can talk you through those monsters and help you bury them once and for all. I hope you have women that are patient with you while you heal from them. I hope you have women that help you move the fuck on and support you. And I hope when you get together with them that you bring some kleenex because there will be no shortage of tears.

I love my friends. I hope you enjoy the latest episode of Have The Conversation Podcast.

EP| "You Guys Are My Foundation" available now on Apple Podcast, Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. 🎧 Listen now!

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