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Its been quite a week around my house. We've had business trips, and calls home from the teachers and meltdowns and so many emotions it's a wonder this house isn't underwater. This weekend also happens to be one of the biggest weekends I've had planned in a while. It's something that was put on my heart over six months ago to pursue, and its finally here. Not without hiccups, of course. I mean, would it even be life if it didn't include


Even thinking about this upcoming weekend, I get goosebumps, and my heart swells twenty million times over. Bringing back Have The Conversation, wasn't something that I thought I was ever going to go back too. I thought it was another, "I tried, I quit" scenario, but that fact remains that it was NEVER going to go away, I just needed to ask for(and accept) help—both the asking and accepting came with a lot of hard work and self-reflection. I wish I could say as I step back into the arena ready to play, that I have everything planned out. But I don't, and for the first time, I have enough faith in myself to know that it's going to be more than okay. In moments of stress, fatigue, lack of any nutrient-dense food, I do catch myself wondering if this is the right thing to do and, ultimately, accepting time and time again, that it is.

The only difference is, anyway, I could have imagined, picture the opposite- but better.

I had big plans to roll out an entire marketing scheme to win everyone over with the Have The Conversation return but opted to trade it in for some organic, freshly dosed conversation, and I couldn't be more proud of what we are building. We are working hard, and being thoughtful, not methodical in our approach. It is 100% Leanne, and I this time around, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

We are going to be in and out of social media land all weekend as we travel to our recording destination with a particular guest host! Can't wait to see what comes out of this weekend and where this crazy ship is going to pull into port next!

Right now, though, I need to be Mom. There have been lots of comments about how much I am on the phone lately, and how they need new toothpaste and food. Kids these days, am I right? The Entitlement. 😜

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