I see you Therapy Mom.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019



I see you Therapy Mom.

I see you struggling to carry that big bag as you enter the office. You look tired. No, exhausted. You probably stayed up all night soaking in the bath, or reading in an effort to take time for yourself. Little does everyone know, that reading consisted of research on the latest medicine or style of learning best suited for your child.

I see you Therapy Mom.

I see you ready for answers or breakthrough. I understand the want for tangible evidence that solidifies that what you are doing is working. Trust me, it is. The fact that you show up week after week to this office is proof. It is obvious to everyone when you walk through the waiting room door.

I see you Therapy Mom.

I see you fumbling through your purse while your kids run in circles around you. Make that payment, shove another receipt in your wallet and move on. This is just a part of the process.

I see you Therapy Mom.

I see you awkwardly smiling over your cell phone screen. I see that you want to talk. I see that you might be battling with trying to not feel so isolated in your situation. I see you trying to be calm under the flickering fluorescent lights. Take that time to rest. I'll see you again next week. We can talk then.

I see you Therapy Mom.

I see you every day. I see you trying your best when the odds are stacked against you. I see you cry and struggle. I see you cry with pride. I see you cry with love. I see you in awe of your child.

I see you Therapy Mom.

I am you.

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash Edited by CallaCreates.

Read by: MicrodosingMama

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