Like Riding a Bike: Part 2

Remember a few posts back when I talked about my fearless yet fragile daughter? Well, she is a whole new kid now that she mastered the art of riding a bike.

I don't watch Nascar races, but I experience the same whiplash motion when I watch her fly around the cal-de-sac over and over and over again. She's a sight to see, and her life is all about left turns now. All jokes aside, she has gained visible confidence that makes me stand a little taller as her Mom. As if I had anything to do with it.

She is so brave, y'all. She continually shows up for herself. She understands that with a few deep breathes; she can get through anything. She now begs to go down the street "alone," singing songs at the top of her lungs and riding back with both legs extended to the side, all while sporting the cheekiest grin. It's easily one of my favorite views.

One day last week, I noticed she took her brother's bike, which is not being used (Long Story Short, it's been a challenge in MANY ways) and was running alongside the bike in big circles. It was as if she was testing her endurance or doing timed trial runs. Let's say it was weird, and I noticed.

I asked her what she was up too and she stopped, look at me, and said: "I want him to get out here. I know he can do it." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What I had seen wasn't weird at all. It was her way of trying to see how she could help the situation. We talked some more, and it came out that she thought if she could run fast enough, she could hold on to the bike, and he wouldn't be so scared of falling. She thought if she could "help him" that he would "realize how much fun it is." She also mentioned something about how fun it would be to beat him in a race but nevermind that. (She comes from competitive parents, she's a competitor, and I love that.)

Yet again, time outside with my kids has given me much to think about, digest, and spew back out to you as lessons learned. It's the Circle of Life, and it really moves us all.

Remember any fear you have, whether it be learning to ride a bike or otherwise, the key is to start. To stay consistent. To not let the falls and bruises detur you from getting you where you want to go. It's about trusting yourself, singing loudly, helping others, and finding joy as you cruise down the streets towards your home, legs out, full grin.

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