Get your babies and line up the chairs. Play “school bus” and make some memories.

Silly, raw, sweet moments like this are where we shape creative thinkers and future leaders that are kind and have a sense of self. It is where honest, hard-working people with senses of humor and compassion are developed. These are the t e a c h a b l e moments. Lean into them. Take advantage of them.

As a mama to a “Learning Differences” babe, I learn so much when we play. (Kids need me more than my floors need sweeping.) Things I don’t notice usually, like how she looks up to the left when she is REALLY trying to remember something. Instead, I can see with patient eyes. I am able to relax, feel her energy and really connect with her. Most times, we find new ways for her to learn or remember things.  

Like I said, teachable moments. But, she isn’t the only one learning something. I am learning that despite what stress I put on myself to be a good mom, what the school district or therapist has labeled my child as, or any fear I have about my child not living a “normal” life, I learn that she is more than okay. She is creative and self-reliant, she loves to help and help others, she is in-tune with who she is at a young age and she is going to be more than fine. She is going to be fan-fucking-tastic.

Spend real-time with your babes. Get on their level and listen, really listen. You will learn something and so will they… That their Mama loves them with her entire being and always will.

Make your moments count.

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