Seek to Understand.

Like a majority of the people in my life, the overall sense of another brutal attack on an African American has left us angry and numb. How does this continue to happen? What needs to happen to eradicate this injustice? Does my opinion even matter on this because I am not African American?

There should be no "opinions" on the cruelty that is happening in this "Land of the Free" - the only way to look at it is hate.

How do we combat hate? LOVE.

How do we learn to love? WE SEEK TO UNDERSTAND.

How do we understand? WE EDUCATE.

How do we get educated? WE LISTEN.

When we listen, we learn, when we realize we understand, and when we know someone, we tend to love them.

I've struggled in my adult life to know when to speak up in regards to race. All anyone is ever going to see is a "Privileged White Girl," at least that is the narrative I play in my head. Yes, I am both of those things, but I am also empathetic and set on eradicating the injustice of the world - even if it is just by listening, seeking to understand, and loving people.

Last year, I sat down with a friend from high school, Jay, to discuss race. We both poured a glass of wine, talked about his experiences where we grew up, and listened to one another. No surprise, I cried, but we laughed and left the conversation with nothing but love for one another. You can listen to "You Don't Know Until You Know" on iTunes or anywhere else you listen to your favorite podcasts!

We have to have more conversations where we seek to LISTEN - especially in regards to races other than our own.

The men and women, specifically African Americans, that have been on the opposition of "the law," are heartbreaking, irresponsible, and unjust. These people are family and friends. They are my family and friends.

Say their names, learn their stories, listen, and love.

We're better together, friends, I promise.

If you have stories, experiences, or wisdom to inject, my ears and heart are open. You can email my directly at

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