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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Funny story… In my backyard next to the swing set and home of #FortW (our family clubhouse), there is a tree root that scares the life out of me. I know what you are thinking, “A tree root? REALLY?”

But it’s there and without fail, from the corner of my eye, I always think it’s a snake. Now I don’t know about you but seeing a snake in the grass is not a warm fuzzy place where I find comfort. My immediate reaction is to jump back with a huge pit in my stomach or to start swinging. (NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER INVITE ME TO A HAUNTED HOUSE.📣) This root was a real problem for me. So one morning I went outside, painted it bright green with polka dots. I topped it off with a rock and some googly eyes and now that little “snake root” makes me smile and laugh. ✨ FEAR BE GONE! ✨

We all have things that scare us or make us uncomfortable. I say throw googly eyes on the situation and see it for what it is or better yet - what could be.

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