Social Distancing + Goals.

I've always been a try it for a few days and quit girl. My twenties consisted of going to the gym - walking on the treadmill while I watched trash tv, hitting the sauna, and leaving. It got to the point where I only went to the sauna, and high tailed it out of there because "who has the time'?

Last year, however, I decided to get serious about working out consistently, and "showing up for myself" became my motto. The truth is, my husband, installed a home gym, and I walked passed it every day, and the day finally came where I ran out of excuses.

Lucky for me, I knew Leanne.

Leanne is my creative partner over at Have The Conversation and a licensed personal trainer in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area.

With the way of the word and the unknows of COVID-19, we need encouragement with our health and wellness goals more than ever - and our trainers need to find new ways to generate income.

Leanne has put together a week's worth of workouts + videos to get you gaining strength and mobility, all from the comfort of your own home. She designed this program for you to practice social distancing without distancing you from your goals.

She has laid out for you in detail the exercises along with videos to make sure you are doing the moves properly. She also included a weekly recommended schedule to help give that extra push to stay on track.

I'll be going LIVE with Leanne tomorrow on Friday, March 19th via Instagram. (Time is TBD). Join us, bring your questions, and get ready to meet your new virtual personal trainer!

As always, I'll be cheering you on from a safe distance!

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