Stay at home with your kids they say. It will be fun they say.

Today. Is. One. Of. THOSE. Days. 

6:32 am: Greeted by 3 STARVING Children with hasty demands

7:10 am: Call husband in a panic because for the past 40 minutes I thought it was Thursday.

8:00 am: Send the now fed children who think they have WWE tryouts to the playroom.

8:04: Refill coffee cup.

8:06: WWE Rookie attacks from the side and spills said coffee cup

8:10: After cleaning up my spilled coffee, threaten the children that if they don't go watch "The Lion Guard" in the playroom I may eat them like a Lion

8:15: Sneak in a shower

8:45: Be interrupted when trying to pull myself together to be told I needed to wear my Storm Troopers shirt so we could be "matchers". (If you know me, I hate this. But I did it for the kids!)

9:30: Snap a cute Instagram pic of the "matchers" so the internet thinks I have it all together. *KIDDING*

9:40: Everyone is finally dressed and have brushed their teeth. But now they are hungry, Surprise, Surprise!

9:42: Get everyone downstairs, fight over what they all need to eat. Settled on Apples, M&Ms, Trail Mix.

9:50: Refill my coffee cup, see cookies my husband brought home from a client last night. Hide from the kids... 

9:53: "What are you eating, Mom?" I've been busted.  I tell them there are coffee biscuits and only people who drink coffee can have them.

9:54: One child declares "I LOVE COFFEE!"

9:56: Turn on "The Good Dinosaur" to distract them and finish my cookie in peace. 

9:58: Walk around aimlessly trying to find where I set down my coffee cup.

10:05: Find coffee cup, it's cold. 

10:07: The WWE is picking back up again. It's a tag team situation. 2 on 1. 

10:10: Give up on my dreams of a nice cup of coffee and check my email.

10:15: Sit down to write this post because it is just too much to handle. 

10:20: My mom calls, I finally refill my coffee cup and all is right with the world again. 

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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