You know those moments in life when you have something so heavy on your mind/heart/soul- but for the life of you cannot figure out what it is. What is it that the Universe/God/Life is trying to tell me. What is MY purpose?

This last year specifically has been one of self-reflection, growth, and smack in you in the face moments that, I am in fact here for a reason. Well, what is it?

I meditate on it, I try to listen and tap into what my gifts are. But, I still keep feeling unsatisfied… like I should be making bigger strides or that the success should just come. How entitled am I?

Today in the midst of everyday life, trying to come up with relative content for that very purpose previously stated,  I decided to listen to a podcast instead of my typical cleaning music while I tackled the dishes in the sink. Nothing Earth-shattering, just everyday life stuff. I had been contemplating listening to “Super Soul Conversations” for a while now. I always enjoyed the OWN Network before I cut the cord on cable. What did I have to lose? I didn’t have many dishes… if I wasn’t vibing with the content,  I would be done soon and move on to the next thing in my day.

“Alexa, Play Super Soul Conversations Podcast”

Today’s Conversation: How faith and character can help create a life of value. Okay, girl- I’m listening.

Oprah introduces her guest, Pastor Wintley Phipps, I shrug a bit not being one that is drawn to the “Pastor” type, but his voice alone keeps me interested. Fast forward to six minutes into the conversation and I am hit, yet again, right in the face with EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

“It’s always agonizing waiting for the cake you are baking to rise, especially when you want to eat it right away. And just because you turn up the temperature of the oven doesn’t mean the cake will bake any faster.”

Go ahead, read it again. It’s just that good.

Whatever it is that you believe in, know that the Universe or God has your back. Stop and listen, hear not only what YOU want to hear, but what is being brought into your life for you to grow from and ultimately point the way to the success you are dreaming of. We all have unique gifts and perspectives to share with the world.

Repeat after me.

“The Universe is bringing me what I need for my higher good.”

Now go tackle the rest of your day and don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Image Courtesy of @WillEcholz

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