Transparency + Abundance: How I'm dealing with my break up with Sirius XM. (Hint, not well.)

Attention to all the companies Zuckerberging the crap out of my Internet Searches - STOP IT! I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

I want it the most economical way possible the FIRST TIME.

For example, Sirius XM, why let me cancel on you, only to stalk me for weeks with a better offer to come back? You purposely and thoughtfully do not allow your customers to cancel online. You get your customer on the phone (again, another SMART move to build a relationship, engage and personalize your product) - yet, you drop the ball on one major thing and proceed to act like a crummy ex-boyfriend who won't let me move on!

Your product literally SPEAKS for itself through the various talent on over 100 channels. When I don't have Sirius XM, I genuinely miss it. Your service is good, no, GREAT. You had everything going for you, but then, you got in your way. I can only bring it back to Ego and doing what you think is cool, not necessarily right.

I think transparency and building off the relationship with your customers you established by the phone conversation go a long way.

I mean, not to brag but once I online chatted with a boy and that boy eventually became my boyfriend. AOL Messanger, thank you. And to that relationship I say, it was fun and I learned a lot. Thank you for the memories.

You would know that you wouldn't have to throw in a FREE Echo Dot (although clever marketing for those people that think FREE ultimately means "Good Deal.") because the five dollars a month option makes sense and doesn't need any "extras" to make a sale and keep a happy customer. In fact, I would willingly stay with you if you offered a fair subscription upfront, because, like Anita Baker, you would be givin' me the best that you've got. I might even go a tad higher- because, in my opinion, your better than Amazon Music and Spotify combined.

Yet, like in any break-up, all I can think about is the amount of money we would both could have saved if you would have been honest and fair in the first place. Who knows we could have had a Christmas engagement?

But, I've got to know what could I have done differently? What is your expectation of your listeners and subscribers? Is it just a business, or do you want to get to know them? As someone starting and hopefully growing a business in 2020, these things weigh heavy on my mind.

Transparency and fairness is the name of the game in 2020. To gain and keep business, we have to switch our focus from greed & money and data hoarding -to a place of transparency, authenticity, and kindness. And to the ones saying, "It's a business! Arrrgh! You need to make money!", I say to you; clean money is out there in abundance too.

No excuses in 2020, people - we know too much, we can do more, and we have access to extensive education, 24/7.

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Calla is a writer, mother of three, and host of Have The Conversation Podcast.  Her blog, art, and conversations are here for you as living proof that mistakes and the lessons they provide are all part of a bigger picture   Reach out! - She'd love to get to know you.

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