Unpack your bags.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

You know when you get home from a trip and you take your sweet time unpacking your bags? Maybe it takes a week, maybe you unpack when you find the time to do laundry... either way, it has to get done. You eventually have to unpack so you can move forward.

What about emotional baggage?

Are you taking the time to unpack the past traumas, grief, bad habits, resentment, guilt? Clutter is clutter, and if you have emotional clutter, it is going to be a distraction to your healing and ultimately your growth.

Your vacation or trip, whatever made you pack up isn't fully over until your suitcase is unpacked.

Guess what?

Your next move can't happen until you deal with the baggage in your life.

The good news about that is: Once it's over, it can't hurt you anymore.

These hang-ups, much like your unpacked suitcase need to be cleaned out, unpacked and then literally hung up.

There is no need to wait until Spring to start the cleaning and there is no need to carry the weight of your past.

Wishing you weightlessness and wholeness!

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