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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I'm still a novice at entrepreneurship, a mear infant if you will. But already this word, entrepreneur, has brought me many valuable lessons. Earlier in the week, I posted it to my colleagues as a question via LinkedIn. I asked, "What would you say is your biggest lesson learned as an #entrepreneur ? Anyone brave enough to join the conversation?". In hindsight, I was probably too juvenile with the hashtags and sassy questioning, after all, it was LinkedIn, but I'm in a new phase of my adult life where I want to have a career, not just a nine-to-five. I thought LinkedIn was the place to start. Ironically enough, the only one brave enough to reply was the best boss I have ever had - who happens to fall under the entrepreneur umbrella himself. (Check out his business Forward Partners! )

Even more ironic, was that I was the one who had to convince him that "LinkedIn was a good thing" when I worked for him! He wanted no part of it, but I ensured him that he needed a voice there. See, Chad, we both learned things from one another! I think that with where I am now in my journey of starting a business, my biggest lesson has been the ones regarding collaboration. I'm learning that my role is not to be the one with the best idea or the perfect solution. No, my role as an entrepreneur is to be bold enough to take the risk on the first bad idea. After that, it's up to me to ask questions and gather the right people to move my bad ideas into bigger, better lifechanging ones. My job is to let the ones who trust my vision, know that they can trust me with theirs - because their voice matter and if they are giving me their time, I want them to feel valued and to know that their ideas are important too.

Any first bad idea, with the right people, can make a world of difference.

If you don't make people feel safe and provide a healthy workspace to do so, they will never feel comfortable enough to bring their ideas forward. Please don't get stuck in the mindset that because it's "Your Thing" or because you don the "Entrepreneur" title, that your way is going to be the only or best way. Surround yourself with the people you can grow and learn from, the ones that even though they don't have to stick through your bad ideas and respond and lead by example like my "best boss" did for me. ✌️-Cal

And, don't worry, your "WORLD'S BEST BOSS" mug is in the mail!

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