Write now, edit later.

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

My biggest fear of writing is editing. I can't get it through my perfectionist brain and the need to control to even write because: "What if I'm not doing it right?" I even have a sign over my computer that says "E-D-I-T" staring at me at all times. I swear 'The Universe' sends me messages to "smile and have fun" and "don't take this so seriously" by making the letters drop-down ever so slightly, at random -- making the whole thing a complete eyesore. Let's just say, it's been helpful in so many ways but also a literal bold sign from 'The Universe' reminding me to "Do it right!"

I've come to realize that we don't ever do it right, or perfect. We give and we take with ourselves and we get a handful of experiences we then call our life. It's totally what we make of them. Writing is no different.

Realize that the second you pick up that pencil, or settle into the feel of the pen, or take that first tap on your keyboard - what you are about to do will not be perfect. Instead, it will be a mess of emotions and lessons and beautiful stories you get to tell in your own words. That's a powerful and incredible thing! And who knows, maybe one day you'll change someone's life with something you said, and you'll put a little kindness in your corner of the world. I'd like to think if we all did that, eventually, we would all have to meet in the middle, right? So I encourage you to write now and edit later. Whatever you need to start to work on, start. Don't think too much about it. Just go through it, give it your all and stay consistent. Remember, baby steps are still forward motion. We can totally edit later. Be well. ✌️

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