You're doing a good job.

Hey Parents - how are you doing? Be honest. Some of us are a few weeks into this distance learning, homeschool business, and some are finally joining us in throwing their kids' laptops across the kitchen. Either way, Welcome to the club, we have coffee.

For me, the start of this school year came way too soon. I was just settling into the idea that I would never leave the house again, and now, you want me to teach three grades to three very different children with no experience? In the words of Michelle Tanner, "How Rude".

Now I apologize if you are a teacher reading this and rolling your eyes because you have been "Doing it for years" and "It's not easy." You're right; it isn't easy. It's a choice. Those who teach are angels, or at the very least, blessed by one. They choose EVERY DAY to EDUCATE CHILDREN. Who in their right mind would want to teach new topics to children every day as a choice? But these beautiful humans do exist, and I know they are working their tails off for a system that could treat them a lot better, and as a mom trying home school for the first time, I have to say, now more than ever, I get it. Your job is time-consuming, full of surprises, and sticky. Seriously, what's with the messes?

Luckily, for whatever reasons, we are blessed with teachers and home school parents and working parents trying to figure out how to home school, and we are all doing our best with the situation in front of us by choosing to continue.

So, if you are reading this, and you are a parent who is doing their best in a situation they have never been in, schooling or otherwise, know that you are doing a great job. The late-night searches for the perfect curriculum, the anxieties of wondering if you made the right choice, those things don't matter. You showing up for your kid with the best information for your situation is all you can do. After that, all we can do is love them.

Now take a deep breath and go do something nice for yourself!

Are you a home school parent that has a product, solution, or curriculum that you love? Would you be willing to talk about it? If so, please reach out! 💌

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